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I've been at this for a long time now. The market is

competitive, everyone is trying to up-sell you, and

maybe even use complicated terminology in the

hopes of impressing you. That just isn't us. Whether

you're working with me or one of my kids, we'll

give it to you straight. As I learned from my dad,

the best thing we can do in this business is to

be honest.

When we come to your home for an estimate, we'll

keep it conversational and informative. This way, you

can make the best decision for you and your home. And

maybe, especially right now, that means taking advantage of our hassle-free financing

From start to finish, we'll show up when we say we will. Whether my son Grant or my daughter Alex are running the install team, you can be assured that from start to finish, we'll treat your home like our own. All of our products have a lifetime warranty which is registered to your address, increasing the value of your property and 100% transferable. In addition, the installation that we do has a 10 year workman's warranty. So either way, we've got you covered.

We're working on your home and that's not a responsibility that we take lightly. You can rely on us to listen to your needs and get the job done right the first time. We believe in doing an honest day's work and can see the bigger picture: Building a long-term company that puts results and customer satisfactions over everything else. After all, we're a family too and we have the same family, home, career, and life goals as you do.

Larry Patton

Owner & Operator


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