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Get ahead of the home efficiency curve with our cutting edge solar-powered attic fans. Using your existing roof vent, we carefully insert our attic fan, put the cover back in place, and attach a solar panel for the power required to keep it running all year round. Alternatively, if you are having a new roof installed, we've got a one-piece design to suite. Both designs feature a quiet, brushless motor. Our solar attic fans are 100% solar powered and therefore use no electricity.

Benefits include:

  • Remove moisture and harmful mold and mildews from your home

  • Extend the life of your roof and roofing materials

  • Reduce strain on your air-conditioner in the summertime

  • Balance indoor temperature

  • Prevent ice-damming in winter (without thermal auto shut-off)

  • Thermal auto shut-off switch, set to 20° celsius

  • Air movement of 250 CFM

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