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You may not know this, but many of the eavestrough covers on the market still clog up; What's the point of that? Our trough covers are different because we only use Wayner Trough Covers gutter guard product, which has the exclusive Canadian rights to a patented and superior gutter guard system. We even guarantee that they'll never clog or need to be cleaned — ever.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminates leaves and debris from clogging gutters

  • Micro-Mesh is effective against small debris, including pine needles, seed pods, and shingle grit

  • Works with screen enclosures and pool cages

  • .42 Stainless-steel mesh (surgical grade)

  • 440-Micro opening

  • Heavy-duty .024-grade aluminum body

  • Handles 60 gallons of water per minute

  • Durable substrate material

  • Fascia OR under-shingle mount installation

  • Fits 5" and 6" eavestrough

  • Lifetime warranty

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